State Innovation Exchange

UI/UX Design

CHALLENGE: With an election deadline in view, SiX needed an insightful and strategic approach to their website UX. The goal for the organization was to expand awareness and visibility among its key audiences, as well as build support for their work going forward.
PROJECT SCOPE: Worked with SiX leadership and communications staff to design and build a new user experience and craft a digital strategy to maximize their overall online presence, allowing them to make the most of timely opportunities to engage existing and new audiences.
SOLUTION: Participated in interviews with leadership and staff to understand goals, objectives and user personas. Through content strategy and information architecture vastly improved the navigation and provided a clearer presentation of information to make it easier for SiX’s audiences to understand what the organization does and how to support their work. 
Provided an issues-based approach enabling users to easily pursue the causes specifically relevant to them. Used powerful imagery, polls, quotes and stats to forge a more emotional connection. Built press and blog sections that became vital clearinghouses for up-to-date information. To meet their positioning and service objectives, prescribed a more robust “Get Involved” section and an infusion of personality for their brand. Facilitating activism also included a downloadable policy playbook that required multiple platform connectivity and security. Using techniques with interaction design, created an experience where specific information animates to draw users attention and invite deeper immersion. 
The overall effect was the creation of a more intuitive, user-friendly, and ultimately a more powerful experience for those visiting the sites from mobile and desktop platforms. Increase in online donations, expanded awareness amongst the public, and praise from the offices of multiple elected officials and partners. 
ROLE: Creative Director and UI/UX Designer
FIRM: Hershey Cause Communication
Stakeholder Interviews
Collaborative Ideation
Content Review and Strategy
Information Architecture
Hand Sketching
Interaction Design
Feature Analysis
Visual Design
Photography/Animation Direction
Developer Coordination
Usability Testing
Experience the website here. Enjoy!
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