CHALLENGE: Perceptics, a reliable provider of license plate recognition cameras for over 35 years, needed to update not only its look but the brand story it was telling to its various markets. While the reputation was undisputed in border security, its legacy market, it was less known in other verticals. To escape perceptions of parity, the company needed to proudly proclaim a differentiated leadership position with OEM’s and within all of its specialty markets.
SOLUTION: Working in concert with Scott Silverman’s branding agency, Articulated Brands, translated the brand brief into a high-energy identity that spoke equally well across all five verticals. The initial phase included a comprehensive sales kit and supporting marketing collateral, as well as trade show display booth designs for each market, all of them featuring high-impact creative concepts, as well as simplified graphics, diagrams and headlines. Lead generation techniques included trade print advertising and an innovative dynamic banner ad campaign. In addition to a three-fold increase in leads, Sales reported more qualified leads and an increase in prospect understanding of the company’s core value.
ROLE: Creative Director and Visual Designer
FIRM: Articulated Brands
Competitor Analysis
Collaborative Ideation
Content Review and Planning
Visual Design
Customizable B2B Sales Kit
Print Advertisements
Tradeshow Displays
Email Promotions
Banner Ad Campaign
Printer Coordination
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