UI/UX Design + Logo Identity + Marketing Collateral + Tradeshow Display

CHALLENGE: To help communicate their promise of more prepared-for-the-workforce young professionals and higher graduate program acceptance rates, the company knew a smart, strategic branding program was in order. They needed to not only stand out from their competitors but to also provide an easy, engaging user experience with the web portal and phone app.
PROJECT SCOPE: Create a visual language that would reinforce the advantages of their 360-degree approach and open lines of communication with faculty and advisors that sit at the very heart of their model. Stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis and review of user personas. Coordination with team members in multiple states and countries. Review content, initial wireframe sketches and user flows to provide feedback for refinements. Beyond the user interface, create additional marketing materials to position themselves for further assistance in receiving funding.
SOLUTION: Created a seamless UX for an adaptive web portal and phone app through deep immersion into user profiles, distilling complex information and feature analysis. Developed the brand guidelines which included the logo identity, visual vocabulary, color palette and fonts for consistency across all communication materials. To assist start-up in overall awareness and obtain funding a pitch deck template, promotional website, marketing collateral, video demo and tradeshow displays were developed. Livitae obtained its preliminary funding, and to make the success even sweeter, they were selected the winner of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur SmartCamp Raleigh.
ROLE: Creative Director and UI/UX Designer
Stakeholder Interviews
Competitor Analysis
User Persona Review
Collaborative Ideation
Content Review and Strategy
Information Architecture
Hand Sketching
Feature Analysis
UI Visual Design
Logo Identity 
Tradeshow Displays
Marketing Collateral
Pitch Deck Template
Video Art Direction
Developer Coordination

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