Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

UI/UX Design

CHALLENGE: Their existing website desperately needed an overhaul since it had not been updated for quite some time. This meant outdated content, not being mobile friendly or having a CMS to easily update.
PROJECT SCOPE: Create a website that is mobile friendly with a CMS solution that internal stakeholders could easily update. Determine the kinds of users and what their needs are. Review existing content and develop an overall strategy of how to present a hierarchy of information. Expand upon and organize the robust Resources section. Create an inviting, visual design that aligns with their brand and the organizations they support.
SOLUTION: To set the right tone for the user experience introduction, the team created a headline “When our youth sour, stronger communities take root.” Developed a content strategy to plan for creation and delivery of useful, usable content; the four funding areas, grantee stories to show impact, clear guidelines of how to apply for a grant and FAQs. Created the information architecture to identify and organize content in a purposeful and meaningful way. Listing of grant recipients with links for users to learn more about the organizations. Organized the robust Resources and Collaborations content into a multi section, tiered approach where the user can choose to dig deeper into content if they choose. For visual storytelling; highlighted grantee images, quotes and use of a vibrant color palette. Using techniques with interaction design, created an experience where the user glides through the content while specific information animates to draw their attention.
ROLE: Creative Director and UI/UX Designer
FIRM: Hershey Cause Communication
Stakeholder Interviews
Collaborative Ideation
Content Review and Strategy
Information Architecture
Hand Sketching
Interaction Design
Feature Analysis
Visual Design
Photography Review
Developer Coordination
Usability Testing
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