“Kristin Moore is truly one of the best Creative Directors I've ever had the pleasure of working for. She hired me on as a Freelance Designer at Hershey Cause Communications during an extremely busy time, amidst some huge project kick-offs. From start-to-finish — Kristin shined in every way that a Creative Director should. She is not only attentive to every detail of how a design project comes together, from initial concept to execution, but she also cares immensely about the people working on those projects, and it truly shows in the work. 
Even when tasked with things that seem impossible, whether in scope or in the technical realm, she makes it happen.
In the creative world, I think it's difficult to find someone who is extremely organized and focused, but also energetic, engaging, and fun to be around - and Kristin is every single one of these things and beyond.”
Megan Harrell, Freelance Designer/Animator
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