“Every once in a while an organization is lucky enough to hire an individual that looks beyond the strict confines of a job description to just do whatever it takes to make things right. Kristin Moore is that person. 
Kristin’s design credentials are self-evident. Her superb sense of style and her grasp of concept have helped Grafik win numerous awards and have helped shape the design skills of our design staff. What is not apparent in her impressive list of awards is the skill she has in mentoring designers. There is no one who works closer with junior staff, helping them learn everything from budgets and schedules, paper stocks and web site architecture, to looking at kerning and leading. Her patience with interns and beginning designers has made her a favorite choice of the design staff and she is often seen as a cheerleader for junior staff. 
At the same time — she is demanding — not letting any detail escape her notice. She pushes our developers, illustrators, copywriters and printers to match her high standards — often getting the best out of our vendor/partners. Her skill in following a job through to production and her ability to monitor the production staff has resulted in beautifully produced pieces — whether they are digital or print. 
Kristin is the ultimate organizer — which is one reason her clients and our account staff love her. She can put her finger on any project documentation, meticulously saves and files all her email correspondence — and is really the go-to person when we can not find something. 
What is most admirable, however, is the initiative she shows for helping out — even if it involves an area outside of her immediate area of responsibility. 
One of my designers remarked that the best thing about Kristin is her laugh. She said that when things are crazy, deadlines loom, and you think that everything is going downhill, all you need to do is hear Kristin’s laugh and you know things will be alright. I can not think of a better recommendation.”
Judy Kirpich, Former CEO, Grafik
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