“It was a great privilege to have Kristin as my Creative Director at Hershey Cause. She is a rare gem in the creative world and I know I am extremely lucky for having the opportunity to work with her. From our very first introduction, Kristin was an incredible mentor to me, investing in my growth and development as a designer. She was a team player in every sense of the word, working directly with me and the rest of the staff at our agency with everyone's best interest at heart. I always felt unconditional support from her and she was an amazing source of encouragement and inspiration. 
Kristin has a very strong work ethic and gave 110% of her commitment and dedication to each project. Her experience in design, both digital and print is extensive and she took every opportunity to make sure people understood and were educated in her creative process and solutions.
It is obvious that Kristin is a very talented creative professional. But what makes Kristin so extraordinary is the immense passion she has for her work and for bringing people together. I am honored to say that she has left a significant mark on my career as a designer and impacted my life in the most positive ways. Anyone who gets to work with Kristin should consider themselves very fortunate.” 
Jenna Schweitzer, Senior Designer, Hershey Cause Communications

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