“Kristin Moore is a rare combination. She is a wonderful designer and creative spirit, who is also a motivating leader. She has a captivating personal style and is a very clear and organized communicator, both within the creative team and between herself and the clients. 
In my 35 years in communications and journalism, I've cherished the rare opportunities to work with creative directors who can make me -- a strategy person and writer primarily -- understand the visual dimensions of client communications. Kristin has been such a teacher and mentor to me. Working with her took me to the core of the creative process, the moment when the strategy evolves into creative ideas. Working with Kristin, it is an exciting and invigorating process.
It should be added that Kristin is highly professional, has a robust network and a good eye for talent, and is equally strong in digital and print products. I enjoyed our work together on both a personal and professional level.”
John Stodder, Issues Management Chief at Hershey Cause Communications
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