“I worked with Kristin to help design the UI for the student platform for a university spinout my company (Intelligent Campus Solutions) was designing. Although I had a lot of background with the needed functionality - it was Kristin's eye for design and appeal that really made the product design a knockout. 
Without question, it is the #1 comment I get from almost every reviewer and client is how much they like the UI, format and flow. We learned early on that you can have the greatest product in the world but if the "appeal" is not there and the flow is clumsy - no one will use it and that is where Kristin excelled - even with subtle changes that made incredible differences. 
Her modern, eye catching designs really helped my dashboard and product shine. Kristin would be an asset to any team and design product or any company and I highly recommend her work and services!”
Anita Flick, MD, Founder and CEO, Livitae (Intelligent Campus Solutions)
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