AMS Momentum

 A brand identity and complete marketing toolkit were required in order to help the company convey its value and differentiators.
 Partnered with brand strategists to help hone in on the key message. Their tagline, “The business of government is like no other business”, grounded the entire brand identity system in a foundational truth: the right system for you is the only one developed with you in mind. The brand development included breathing new life into the space, taking the software out of the technical and sterile and into a feeling of empowerment and sophistication. Created highly flexible pieces so the sales team would be free to spontaneously curate them depending on the needs of the meeting or event. The work included everything from brand identity to a personality-infused, engaging demo DVD. The marketplace splash AMS made was not only celebrated by the client, but the marketing pieces behind it went on to receive recognition by numerous design industry groups and publications.
Creative Director and Visual Designer
FIRM: Grafik
Stakeholder Interviews
Competitor Analysis
Collaborative Ideation
Content Review and Planning
Visual Design
Illustration Art Direction
Customizable Sales Kit
Marketing Collateral
Interaction Design
Software Demo UI
Developer Coordination
Tradeshow Giveaways
Printer Coordination
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